H-D1™ Marketplace near Lewiston ME

H-D1™ Marketplace near Lewiston ME

H-D1™ Marketplace near Lewiston ME
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Gear Up for Adventure at H-D®1™ Marketplace

Big Moose Harley-Davidson® is pleased to introduce our customers to the H-D®1™ marketplace, a wonderful depot for all your certified pre-owned and pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. All it takes is your love of H-D® bikes, imagination, and a simple search. Our dealership serving Portland Lewiston Augusta Hermon is glad you discovered this very special place and way to buy a used Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Get More from your Next Motorcycle

The H-D®1™ marketplace is the standard of pre-owned motorcycle marketplaces. You’ll find all your favorite used H-D® bikes in one place and easily browsable online. Shopping online to find bikes near you is going to quickly help you locate the types of bikes and trikes that fit in with your appetite for biking. If you’ve been craving something different lately to add to your collection or if you’re a first-time biker who wants to take things slow, then the H-D®1™ marketplace near Lewiston is ready to accommodate your needs. We recommend a hearty dose of browsing and research to start things off.


To own something that’s right for you, you’ve got to do a bit of window shopping before committing. Harley-Davidson® bikes at the H-D®1™ Marketplace near Lewiston come from many different generations. If you want to pick something that’s more right than anything else, it pays to really research everything the marketplace has to offer during your shopping session. There’s a lot of convenience in shopping at the online marketplace. Put your worries behind you for awhile during a full-scale exploration of used H-D® bikes.


Each bike’s page has significant information and specs about your motorcycle. You’ll learn its powertrain, transmission, infotainment features (if available), color, and storage features. There’s a lot of ground to cover for many riders, and if you love motorcycles as much as we do, then you can really get lost in the info and enjoy just getting to know more about your favorite Harley-Davidson® products.


There are thousands of motorcycles to choose from at the marketplace, so be sure to pick out a few bikes you’d like to get your hands on and test out. We offer free rides on the thousands of available bikes that will roll through here during the year. It’s important to really jump at a bike that excites the biking spirit within you. There’s no limit on how many test rides you can take during the year, so if you find a pre-owned bike in our area, get out here to take a ride.

Expand your Horizons

Our Riding Academy is a place where customers can expand their horizons. As we say, “Every great event has a great story.” If you’re a first time buyer who chooses the marketplace, make the most of your purchase by joining up with our Riding Academy events. We’ve got events like summer barbeques and Rides for Veterans. Some of our events are for casual good fun, good food, and good company, while others are for a good cause. We raise money for many people in our area.

Is Pre-owned Right for You

Pre-owned motorcycles have already seen time in the field, so they’ve got a solid story behind them to continue. They can’t continue that legacy without a rider just like you. We believe that choosing a pre-owned bike is something that many experienced riders do because they know the value of these bikes.

The Proof is in the Rumble

A comfortable, worn in bike has a veteran legacy and spirit. You’ll get a unique riding style from this kind of bike, as it bears the performance of one or more riders behind it. Most of all, though, proven performance in the field and the fact that the bike is still valuable shows just how much it could add to your life.

Experience a Legend

A pre-owned or CPO Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is already a legend. Whether it’s a 10-year-old model or one that’s only a few years old, you’ve got a bike that’s going to stand the test of time and give you stories to tell for years to come. It’s the heritage of those motorcycles and the fact that you can research them so broadly that makes them an enticing buy to many people. You always know what you’re getting when you buy used.

Collector Potential

Some folks don’t just ride bikes. They collect them. If you’re collecting motorcycles so that you can experience a broad array of riding experiences, then buying from the marketplace is a can’t-lose decision. You’ll have a full universe of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles that allow you to sample different classes and styles of ride.

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