Compare Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® Special to Street Glide® Special

Compare Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® Special to Street Glide® Special

Compare Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® Special to Street Glide® Special
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2021 H-D® Road Glide® Special vs Street Glide® Special

Are you ready to experience the unmistakable thrills of owning your very own Harley-Davidson® motorcycle? If so, you have come to the right place. Two of the most popular and impressive Harley-Davidson® motorcycle models for 2021 are the Road Glide® Special and the Street Glide® Special. Although these motorcycles are similar in name, they are very different when it comes to features and functionality. Both of these bikes are fantastic options for motorcyclists within the 2021 model year lineup. Below, we have created a side-by-side comparison of these two motorcycles. That way, you can decide which one is ideal for your specific riding style and personal preferences!

2021 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® Special Model Overview

The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Road Glide® Special is a great option for those seeking classical H-D touring design elements with premium modern features. This is a blacked-out bagger bike loaded with amenities for riders from all walks of life. Key features include frame-mounted sharknose fairing, infotainment features, saddlebags, an upright riding position, a passenger seat, and many stunning paint color options. This motorcycle also comes with a Milwaukee-Eight® V-Twin 114 powertrain. All such, the 2021 Road Glide® Special is ready to go the distance! It also has a wonderful suspension system that will allow you to take control of the way that your plush and smooth ride feels mile after mile. So, if you have been looking for a motorcycle that balances modern functionality, performance, style, and amenities, the 2021 Road Glide® Special is a great choice. Best of all, this motorcycle comes in a range of two-toned never-before-seen paint schemes! These include colors like Billiard Red paired with Vivid Black or Billiard Teal with chrome finishes. With an extensive range of genuine Harley-Davidson® custom accessories and specialized parts, you can make this motorcycle unique. All in all, this is a wonderful Grand American Touring bike for riders heading out on the open road and seeking adventure!

2021 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® Special Model Overview

The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® Special is a signature factory-custom bagger. It comes with highway-shredding power and is enhanced with blacked-out or chrome finishes. This blacked-out or bright chrome performance bagger is loaded with premium amenities and signature riding features. With a powerful and highway-ready Milwaukee-Eight® 114 V-Twin engine and sharknose fairing, you can easily seek adventure! You will also enjoy blacked-out accents starting at the front forks and extending to the tips of the exhaust. This creates an aggressive yet modern look. A high-end set of black and glossy 19-inch front and 18-inch rear aluminum wheels help you roll down the highway in style with loads of custom-ready attitude. Plus, these blacked-out colors go wonderfully with many never before offered two-tone paint color schemes. Color options for 2021 include Vivid Black, Blackjack Metallic, Billiard Red, Gauntlet Gray Metallic, and Snake Venom. All of these paint colors are available with blacked-out or chrome finishes! Best of all, there are a few new signature color options that you won’t find anywhere else. For instance, Harley now offers a rich, high contrast paint scheme on the signature Arctic Blast Special Edition model for 2021! This model showcases bold strokes and subtle ghosting with a hexagon pattern. Painstakingly applied by hand, the true beauty of this finish is only available in a limited serialized edition of 500 Street Glide®™ Special. Other key features of the 2021 Street Glide® Special include an upright riding position, floorboards, an infotainment system, a passenger seat, saddlebags, frame-mounted fairing, and optional RDRS.

Comparing Road Glide® Special to Street Glide® Special Specs

So how do the Road Glide® Special and Street Glide® Special compare when stacked up side-by-side? Well, they both have many similarities. Both bikes have upright riding positions, saddlebags, passenger seats, infotainment features, and optional RDRS. However, the Road Glide® Special has frame-mounted fairing while the Street Glide® Special has fork-mounted fairing. Both bikes are great for touring! The Road Glide® Special and Street Glide® Special also both have amazing suspension systems with high-performance adjustable shocks. For 2021, the Street Glide® Special offers an all-new Arctic Blast paint edition and the 2021 Road Glide® comes in all-new two-toned editions. The infotainment systems and handlebar setups differ as well. Really, the best way to find out which of these motorcycles is best for your needs as a rider is to take them each out for a test ride respectively. At our Harley-Davidson® dealership, it’s easy to schedule a test ride on both of these motorcycles! Schedule online or call and we will help you find your perfect touring machine.