2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ in Portland ME

2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ in Portland ME

2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ in Portland ME
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2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ Overview

Do you love the nimble performance of Harley-Davidson® Sportster motorcycles? If so, you will be excited to hear that a new Sportster bike has been introduced for 2022. Don’t sleep on the all-new Harley-Davidson® Nightster™! The 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™ was born of yesterday’s iconic inspiration with a future-focused attitude for the modern of today. The Nightster™ is innovative and exciting from end to end. With performance similar to what you would find in the Sportster S, the Nightster™ has bold styling with contemporary accents. This Sportster-inspired motorcycle is designed for fast and nimble performance. With reduced weight in the Sport class, it is equipped with a range of torque-focused features.

The H-D® Nightster™: An Instrument of Expression

The 2022 Nightster™ from Harley-Davidson® represents originality and self-expression. This vehicle has been deeply rooted in a legacy of authentic Harley-Davidson® strength. It has a depth that goes beyond functionality and form! This motorcycle creates an exhilarating experience with authentic features that have been developed over 65 years. Representing the latest thrilling chapter in the Harley-Davidson® Sportster legacy, the Nightster™ bounds forward with over six decades of development and H-D® engineering backing it!

A Look at the New 2022 Harley-Davidson® Nightster™

Fans of classic Harley-Davidson® Sportster silhouettes will appreciate the design of the 2022 Nightster™. This motorcycle is paired with a powerful Revolution Max engine. Various advanced features let you dominate the road ahead. Riders seeking a quick and nimble motorcycle that comes with razor-sharp handling will love the performance of this Sports bike. The 2022 Nightster™ is the perfect option for enthusiasts who appreciate the feel and heritage of Harley-Davidson® Sportster motorcycles. It also accommodates the needs of those who enjoy modern designs and essential amenities. This bike comes with a low stance, screen, and mid-mount foot controls. You can take turns with confidence as you enjoy the forward riding position and available rider safety enhancements. Showcase your style with stunning 2022 performance upgrades and accessory packages! Overall, the 2022 Nightster™ allows you to effortlessly express your individual style while enjoying its premium performance. Plus, it yields plenty of punchy, liquid-cooled Revolution Max power, on-demand.

Individual Expression & Thrilling Performance

Harley-Davidson® has various customization packages available for motorcycles in many different categories. For the 2022 Nightster™, you can effortlessly express your individuality. This customization canvas is sure to meet the needs of stylish individuals. Amplify the design of this motorcycle with forged billet accessories from the Adversary Collection! Get comfortable with a new H-D® Reach Seat and forward controls that pair with Reach handlebars. Add a pillion passenger seat and pegs to bring someone along for the ride! No matter what you want to do, the Nightster™ is all yours.

Revolution Max Liquid-Cooled 975T Engine

Revel in the performance of a Revolution Max Liquid-Cooled 975T engine. This engine offers you performance when and where you need it! With liquid-cooled V-Twin power, you will enjoy tremendous torque at lower RPMs. It delivers potent acceleration from the start with robust power and H-D® dependability.

Form and Function Meet Lightweight Agility

From the airbox cover to the tires, this bike has it all. A nod to its Sportster lineage can be seen in the shape of the airbox cover. This cover shares its profile with the classic Sportster tank. Then, a 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheel allow you to conquer any kind of asphalt. The dimensions of this wheelset were carefully selected to deliver nimble performance. The wheels also add distinctive style.

Advanced Frame and Lightweight Design

Instead of using a traditional hoop-style frame, the 2022 Sportster implements an integrated powertrain to reduce the weight and create a stiffer chassis. Every component of this motorcycle has been optimized for strength, compact capability, and lightweight performance. Whether you are carving corners or maneuvering at low speeds, the Nightster™ is extremely easy to control and handle. Sophisticated shocks add comfort and capability as you enjoy a lightweight feel anywhere you ride.

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