2021 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra near me Augusta ME

2021 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra near me Augusta ME

2021 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra near me Augusta ME
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2021 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra Overview

If you like chrome accents, authentic Harley-Davidson® styling, and premium comfort features, the 2021 Tri Glide® Ultra might just be the trike for you! This gorgeous trike is ready to make all of your touring dreams come true. As a bold touring machine, it is smooth, powerful, and beautifully refined. It then comes with an array of custom features and performance enhancements from fender to fender! As such, racking up those highway miles will be more fun than ever before. Indeed, on the 2021 Tri Glide® Ultra, you will be able to access an all-new and totally unique touring experience! With its distinctive paint colors and updated modern styling, this is trike serves as a paragon for modern style. It has been totally locked and loaded for a premium highway or city riding experience as well! In addition to this, the Tri Glide® Ultra is a great mount for riders of any skill level. If you search something along the lines of “2021 Tri Glide® Harley-Davidson® near me Augusta,” you will likely be redirected to our top-rated Augusta Harley-Davidson® dealership. Here, you will find a team of skilled Harley-Davidson® experts who can answer any questions that you have about this trike. To learn more, just contact our dealership!

Features of the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Tri Glide® Ultra

No doubt about it, this touring machine is at the top of the list for modern touring and rider comfort. It has been gorgeously enhanced with a suite of premium touring features and shimmering chrome accessories! Riders who have been diligently seeking a new one-of-a-kind 3-wheel touring experience will truly appreciate this trike and all of its upgrades. First of all, it displays various new bold styling features with premium paint colors that will turn heads wherever you ride. Then, its offset Tomahawk wheels make those bumps and rocky roads feel super smooth. Also, it has a potent Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine. With new RDRS technology, it is also very easy to control. An alert yet comfortable upright riding position and floorboards add comfort. Furthermore, the superior engine offers the most displacement in any standard H-D Touring trike! With this engine, you will get 114 cubic inches of pure deep-rumbling vehicle passing power. Additionally, a set of Reflex-Linked brakes have been added to help prevent the wheels from locking. This is especially helpful under sketchy braking circumstances. These features also assist you in maintaining control as you stop in a straight line. Moreover, the ABS system operates entirely independently on both the front and the rear brakes. This works to keep those three wheels rolling instead of locking up in urgent stopping situations. All of this combined with new RDRS technology makes the 2021 Tri Glide® Ultra a pleasure to ride and control!

From there, you will enjoy an evolved interface experience with a new infotainment system. This infotainment system has a chic and contemporary look. It also yields a premium feel with user-friendly functionality. Plus, this whole system shows off exceptional durability. This makes it ideal for motorcycling, touring, and riding in the city. Indeed, every single detail and element of this system has been fully optimized to enhance your interactions as a rider! You can seamlessly connect with your trike and with the world around you.

Also, a premium upgraded Harley-Davidson® touring suspension system has been enhanced with new technology for 2021. This system was calibrated specifically for Harley-Davidson® Trike models. As such, it delivers a smooth and responsive yet plush ride. The updated 6-speed cruise drive offers you quiet shifting while simultaneously reducing the engine’s speed on the highway. Therefore, you can enjoy a much better match between the engine’s RPMs and your speed on any terrain.

Lastly, this bike comes with a spacious trunk. This large yet sleek trunk offers 4.4 cubic feet for storage and around 50 pounds of compact gear storage! A premium injection-molded Tour-Pak luggage carrier adds an extra 2.4 cubic feet more of handy touring gear storage to the trike. No doubt about it, if you have been looking for a fully-loaded Harley-Davidson® touring trike with a range of performance features, gear storage upgrades, and sophisticated rider amenities, the 2021 Tri Glide® Ultra is a great option to test ride!


• Refined 6-speed cruise drive
• Top-tier infotainment system
• Comfortable upright riding position
• Gorgeous new paint colors for 2021
• Six-speed Cruise Drive Transmission
• Floorboards
• Comes with various Kahuna accessory options
• Comfortable passenger seat with a backrest
• Tour Pak luggage carrier and rack
• New 2021 H-D RDRS technologies come standard
• Bright LED lighting
• Nimble fork-mounted fairing
• Sleek storage and great low-end hauling
• Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight® 114 Engine
• Various amenities and convenience features