2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S vs 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S vs 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S vs 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R
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2021 H-D® Low Rider® S vs 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

With high bars and plenty of torque output, the 2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S is a performance cruiser! This motorcycle has an aggressive riding position that creates an adrenaline-inducing ride. Simultaneously, the 2021 Suzuki Boulevard grabs the attention of anyone you pass. It is a testament to Suzuki’s ability to build a bike with plenty of thrilling power! So which of these motorcycles is better? That is exactly what we are here to find out.

The 2021 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S at a Glance

First, let’s examine the 2021 Low Rider® S from historically acclaimed motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson®. This motorcycle is tuned for an aggressive ride! It is stoked by the power of a road-dominating Milwaukee-Eight® engine. Gorgeous blacked-out styling and a coastal look define its aesthetic.

The 2021 Low Rider® S is a performance cruiser in every regard. It has plenty of torque for blasting off or hitting entrance ramps! You can roll through town or enjoy light-duty touring with this premium motorcycle. It also has a pure and powerful sound that comes from the tuned-up 114 Milwaukee-Eight® engine.

This machine was not built for those who like tradition. Instead, it breaks the mold and lets you defy convention with a range of signature style elements! This motorcycle is also tall with a one-inch diameter set of premium motocross-style handlebars. These handlebars are mounted on 4-inch risers that allow you to achieve an aggressive position.

This motorcycle is an amazing choice for Rebels who love the West Coast 5. It has sportbike handling and agility with an upright riding position. You also enjoy mid-mount foot control and a windscreen. Then, it comes in a range of stunning and stylish road-ready paint colors. Last, it comes with a premium Cafe solo seat that nestles you into a comfortable position for lengthy rides.

The 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R at a Glance

Alternatively, the 2021 Suzuki Boulevard M109R is a high-performance motorcycle that grabs the attention of anyone you pass. This motorcycle delivers superior performance with many accents and a sleek symmetrical look.

This motorcycle lets you leave town or dominate the roads in your local city. With a dark muscular aesthetic and a V-twin engine, the Suzuki Boulevard has some big pistons as well. It has slash-cut mufflers and drag-style handlebars with a solo seat.

You can choose from to paint colors. These are a bright shade of red in a deep shade of blue. Bold paint colors are accented with black details.

Harley vs Suzuki: Side-By-Side Comparison of These Two Models

Both bikes are impressive but different in many ways. With the 2021 Low Rider® S, you will get a 10 to 1 compression ratio for strong acceleration and torque output. Also, a single camshaft reduces the mechanical noise which creates a rich exhaust tone. The air-cooled engine runs smoothly for miles and has maximum power and efficiency. Four-valve cylinder heads promote smooth even airflow throughout the engine, while dual spark plugs ensure complete combustion for maximum power delivery.

On the other hand, the 109 cubic inch engine of the Suzuki Boulevard has power that goes through the shaft drive. This liquid-cooled engine produces responsive power and torque. An advanced sump system and a contact dry lubrication system help to improve performance.

These motorcycles are also very different in appearance. The 2021 Suzuki Boulevard has a compact and modern look. In contrast, the 2021 Low Rider® S has a vintage yet innovative West Coast design with a range of carefully implemented style accents. When it comes to the Low Rider® S, it is clear that Harley-Davidson® has paid fine attention to every single detail.

Which Bike is the Better Buy?

If you are torn between these two motorcycles, we would highly recommend the Harley-Davidson® Low Rider® S. Not only is the Low Rider® S uniquely styled with a range of performance upgrades, but it has reliable power and is extremely easy to service. Moreover, this motorcycle offers more customization flexibility and comes in a range of stunning yet subtitle paint color packages.

Big Moose Harley-Davidson® Has a Great Low Rider® Lineup

Would you like to take a test ride on a 2021 Low Rider® S? If so, simply contact our dealership! At our Harley-Davidson® dealership, we have a skilled team of experts who can walk you through all of the impressive features of the 2021 Low Rider® S. Best of all, we make it easy to schedule test rides. You can schedule a test ride over the phone or book an appointment quickly online using our handy website. Call our team today to find out which Low Rider® models we have for sale and more!